Bellow is a list of my top 5 best looking sedans, now looking back I realise that four out of five are Italian, the other is Australian… Promise I’m not biased

5. Maserati Quattroporte

The Big Maserati wasn’t the prettiest when it was relaunched in 2003, but since then they made a few little tweaks to make the 2010 era car one of the best looking of all time.

Copyright Maserati

4. Fiat 124 (pre-Lada)

The Lada Riva is one the automotive symmbol for communism, but it originally spawned from this pretty little Italian run about. The Russians ruined the look and the history of the little Fiat.


Copyright Fiat


3. Holden Torana SLR5000

Not as good looking as the A9X, the SLR5000 proves that Australians can build better muscle cars than the Americans, and you can take the family due to the sedaniness.


Copyright Holden


2. Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio

The best looking car on sale right now is hands down this amazing Alfa Romeo, it goes as good as it looks thanks to its ‘non-Ferrari’ twin turbo V6.


Copyright Alfa Romeo


1. Alfa Romeo 159

Unlike the Guilia, the 159 didn’t​ go as good as it looks,  it could come with Alfas 3.2 liter V6 and all-wheel​ drive, but most people when for the lower down petrol or diesel front wheel drive cars.

Copyright Alfa Romeo


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